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Karthik Weta

Hello, I’m Karthik Weta, the Next-Gen Algo Trader. With close to a decade of experience in trading. I’m here to empower you to invest in the future. At Passivealgo we believe the next generation of trading has arrived and it’s time for you to create your wealth effortlessly.

Banknifty Options Algo Trader| Bitcoin Crypto Algo Trader| Consistent Profit Trader | Devotee in Compounding

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Gone are the days where you sit in front of the charts for hours together for trade and make meager profits and large losses. I’m here to help you make profits by trading with almost zero effort. Yes, you heard it right.! You can sit back and enjoy your coffee or watch your favorite movie, your wealth will keep compounding.

Wondering How? We know the secret of trading success, ALGO-TRADING -The Bot Game.

Algo Trading

The process of using computers programmed to follow a defined set of instructions for placing a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for the psychology of the human trader.

Sounds more technical?? Leave it aside. I’m here to take up that tech part. As a trader, for you algo trading is a MAGIC WAND. Yes, I mean it. 

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Karthick Weta’s expertise will help you earn good profits with the proper trading while you are new in the market.

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Our Happy Clients

Karthick's strategies are the best.. I recoved all my past losses and now I'm in good profits with his algo trading guidance.
Naveen Kumar
The trade secrets of Karthick WETA helped me make great profits. Karthick is a real expert. He is a got it guy for Algo trading
Anand Ravi
I was a newbie to share market & trading. Karthick made the concepts so simple to help me understand the market.

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